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"Drag and Drop" website design system.


Odoo makes the creation of blog posts a painless experience with the use of "drag and drop" elements and a simple system that allows you to make fantastic looking websites without having to touch any of the underlying code ( and you can if you wish to have ultimate control ).

By selecting one of the many design elements from the left-hand side (don't forget to choose "edit" from the top menu bar) you are able to drop one of many different design elements to create your site or post.

You can add images, links, slideshows, glyphs etc. the list goes on and on. 

Once created there is an intuitive interface that allows you to start typing right away and you see your page how people will see your site when they visit -- No Guesswork or running multiple browsers required.

 From just having a placeholder on the web to providing live chat based support to your clients, we can help you get up and running....FAST.